• French doors' history Sep 10 , 2021
    French doors date all the way back to the 1600s. In general, French doors come in sets of glass panels that swing or slide. During this time, building construction was integrating new ideas that highlighted symmetry and proportion. Because there was a growing demand to let more light into interior spaces, French doors are becoming more and more popular. They are primarily a decorative alternative ...
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  • French Patio Doors Sep 10 , 2021
    Since its founding, Hotian has become a trusted, sought-after source for imagining and creating better ways of living. One of the key ingredients for cultivating a loyal base of homeowners, builders, and architects is a human-centered approach to well-being through design. "A few years ago, we noticed a shift and desire for better living within the home, which we embraced as a responsibility to cr...
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  • The Advantages of Armored Door Sep 17 , 2021
    Armored doors originated from Christianity and are widely used in Europe. It's also can be called Armored steel wood door.The main feature is that the middle of the door leaf is a solid steel structure, and the front and rear surfaces are covered with a beautiful and easily replaceable finish material. The finish can be made of aluminum, copper, glass, or composite. Wood, solid wood, etc., have ma...
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  • Hotian steel window Hotian steel window Sep 24 , 2021
    Hotian steel windows were incorporated, combining timeless elegance with a reliable and environmentally conscious steel product. Hotian windows and doors are made of steel which allows for versatility in design, minimal sightlines, strength, security, a long life cycle, and minimal maintenance. The numerous glazing options allow for improved thermal performance and all glazing is completed on site...
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  • The Beauty of French Doors Sep 26 , 2021
    With impressive With impressive durability and beautiful style options, French doors add value to your home with a simple and fast installation. If you’re looking for a way to shed a little light on your living space, consider replacing your doors with elegant French doors from Hotian. We also offer opaque glass solutions so you can enjoy the benefit of filtered sunlight without compromising your ...
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  • How are French doors made Sep 26 , 2021
    A French door is typically a type of door constructed using glass panes, which extend over its entire length. You may also hear French doors referred to as French windows. Technically, they function as both doors and windows and are ordinarily integrated into both interior and exterior spaces due to their high level of versatility. French doors tend to be manufactured using light construction, and...
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  • Customized entrance door Sep 29 , 2021
    The entrance door is the first door of every family. The entrance door should take into account the beautiful design and more importantly the safety performance. The most basic function of the entrance door is anti-theft, sound insulation, and privacy. The most common ones are steel security door, it is suitable for most households. Our company’s anti-theft doors are very popular, we have an indep...
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  • Hotian Doors And Windows Sep 29 , 2021
    Anhui Hotian Doors And Windows Co., Ltd.is specializing in doors and windows for many years. We offer high quality and competitive price products. Now the main products include: Aluminium windows/door,iron doors and windows, PVC windows, Wood door,Armored door,Steel security door,etc.We also accept customization for windows and doors. If you are interested in our doors and windows, you can provide...
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  • French door with clear glass Oct 14 , 2021
    French doors serve as an entry point for your family or guests perform double duty in your home design. A set of beautiful French doors allows you to maximize your use of lighting within your home’s interior space. Because French doors offer the visual functionality of windows, allowing a vista into your lawn and landscape. If you’re looking for a way to bring light into a living space, French doo...
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