• Super September Sales!!
    August 20, 2021 Super September Sales!!
    Every September is our year-end promotion to celebrate the establishment of our company. All customers who place orders will be given a discount of at least 5% based on the number of orders. If your home needs  casement window,aluminium windows, replacement aluminium windows, black sliding window, stainless steel door, steel grill door,steel glass window,upvc awning window. etc. please contact us as soon as possible: wahtsapp/wechat/Phone Number: +86 14755184763 email: sales18@hotiandoors.com
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  • Pvc window and doors
    August 06, 2021 Pvc window and doors
    As pvc window manufacturers, pvc window and doors are more and more widely used in home construction, let me show you what are pvc windows. 1. Heat preservation and energy saving. Windows pvc, it has the effect of heat preservation, heat insulation, sound insulation, and the noise reduction function can be higher than 30%. Its heat transfer coefficient is relatively small, which is 1/357 of that of steel 2. Air tightness. Multi layers seals pvc for windows. The air-tight effect is higher than that of aluminum alloy windows, and its appearance is relatively smooth, not easy to stick to dust, and can also prevent dust. 3. Resistance to wind pressure. Upvc windows for sale is designed in an independent cavity, and 2 to 3 mm steel can be filled. According to the wind pressure value and the height of the building floor, the window thickness and profile series can be designed 4. Sound insulation. PVC windows have a sound insulation effect in this province, using extrusion molding, and the sound insulation effect can reach 30 decibels, which is especially suitable for use in downtown areas.
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  • Modern aluminium slim frame french door
    July 08, 2021 Modern aluminium slim frame french door
    We have been working on developing new products,the first new product is aluminium framed french doors the design and size can be customized. it has similar looks as steel glass doors also called wrought iron doors, the frame is very slim, very popualr with customers , can match many kinds of home stlyle. The glass can be double glazed, frosted glass,laminated glass,clear glass,give you better choice! If you like,please contact us for more details.
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  • Hotian new factory has started production !!!
    May 28, 2021 Hotian new factory has started production !!!
    In the past ten years, Hotian Doors & Windows CO., LTD, has achieved rapid development, especially in overseas markets, it has received more and more cooperation. Therefore, the company started planning to expand the factory a few years ago to increase our supply capacity. Finally, the factory has completed all preparations and started production at the end of 2020. The new factory is equipped with experienced operators, aiming to provide customers with perfect doors and windows. After the new factory began to produce orders, our production time has been greatly shortened, it make a better buying experience for our customers. We are also looking forward to your contact & cooperation from all over the world!
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  • Pvc is a good choice for buying windows!
    June 18, 2021 Pvc is a good choice for buying windows!
    As we all know ,pvc is popular material due to its durability and it being a cost-effective option. On this basis, the advantage of our windows has the amazing strength, versatility and low maintenance comes from being manufactured using vinyl polymer which is bound to chlorine atoms so the window frames are not actually plastic and can work well with steel. Now,all of our UPVC windows have energy rated to conform with the Building Regulations, and are available in choice of attractive colours and design. If you’re looking for window, UPVC window is the perfect choice!!Don’t hesitate to contact us !!!
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  • Which Are the Best Windows for Kitchen?
    June 28, 2021 Which Are the Best Windows for Kitchen?
    Which Are the Best Windows for Kitchen ? When you consider a kitchen renovation,many buyers want to know which type of window is best for the kitchen. Remodeling your kitchen provides an excellent opportunity to improve its functions to match its updated appearance,so you can wisely consider replacing your kitchen windows. A key factor to remember is that the kitchen is usually one of the warmest and damp rooms in the house. For this reason,you need to make sure that your windows can be opened easily in order to ventilate your home and allow you to eliminate any unwanted cooking odors. It is also a good idea to choose custom windows that are sized to fit the kitchen opening. This is the best choice to get the features that Windows needs. Here are a few of the window styles that might be the best option for you:casement window,barn door,sliding window. No matter what window style is ideal for your kitchen remodel,you’ll want to make sure you invest in energy-efficient replacement windows that are built to last for many years. We offer high-quality,custom replacement windows that will make great additions to any room in your home. Feel free to contact us!!
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