• Hotian Chinese New Year Holidays Notice
    January 04, 2023 Hotian Chinese New Year Holidays Notice
    Chinese New Year Holidays Notice Dear friends, Please be informed that our office will be closed from 19th January 2023 (Thur.) to 28th January 2023 (Sat.), for Chinese New Year holiday. We will resume business as usual on 29th January 2023 (Sun.). Any orders placed during the holidays will be produced by 29th January 2023 To avoid any unwanted delay, please place your order in advance, and the shipping cut-off date is 19th January 2023. If you have any emergencies during the holidays, please feel free to contact us at Email : k_fly0628@vip.163.com. Thank you very much for your continuous support towards our company. Wishing you all a very Happy Chinese New Year and a Prosperous New Year filled with success and joy!
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  • UPVC Windows with Gill
    December 01, 2022 UPVC Windows with Gill
    Why Are UPVC Windows So Popular? uPVC has become increasingly popular and common within the home improvement sector because of the many qualities and benefits it provides. What is UPVC? UPVC stands for unplasticised polyvinyl chloride, it is a strong and low-maintenance but lightweight plastic building material. It became increasingly popular in the home improvement industry as an alternative to painted timber because of its many benefits such as having strong resistance against chemicals, sunlight and oxidisation from water. It’s particularly ideal for double-glazed windows and doors because it’s low-cost and low-maintenance. UPVC can also be used for roofline products, such as downpipes, guttering and fascias. UPVC is also known as PVC, however, they are all referring to the same plastic building material. What are UPVC windows? UPVC windows are a form of window made from uPVC material. Their modern & thermally efficient credentials have led to them becoming a popular material for windows – attractive to homeowners because it’s affordable, low-maintenance and a fantastic insulator. Developments in design have also meant that UPVC windows can look just as warm as wood and come in a range of colours and finishes so they can perfectly match many types of homes – old or new. Their low maintenance ensures they will look their best for years to come and as good as the day they were installed. All UPVC windows will ever require is a wipe with a damp cloth from time to time to eliminate any built-up grime. What UPVC window styles can you get? The material itself is very adaptable and has been continually developed over the years to offer more styles & colours. Currently, you can get almost all window styles in UPVC, here are the window styles we offer in this popular material: UPVC Windows with Grill UPVC Sliding Windows UPVC Tilt & Turn UPVC Windows UPVC Casement Windows
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  • Interior arched glass door
    December 01, 2022 Interior arched glass door
    Interior Arched Glass Door Many of our designs are simply rectangular to fit existing door jambs and entries that are almost always built on 90° angles. However, for some high-end properties, including new build homes with traditional or ancient design, a top arch is something that you see from time to time. Square and Arched Glass Doors The square door, again, is the most common. An arched doorway shows that there was deliberate care and deliberate resources applied to make that curvature a part of the building frame. It can be harder to outfit one of these openings, too. Just think about the process of building one of these doors out of wood. Hybrid Designs For those who want an arched top in a square doorjamb, there's also a range of hybrid designs that work pretty well. Another key use for our products is to create frame installations in exterior spaces, or add a sort of exterior cladding to walls and smooth surfaces. These simple additions can really make your house shine. These truly versatile designs are of interest to some of the top interior and exterior designers, but you can get them direct through us, with the kinds of care and attention that you deserve. Make things pop with durable designs that will stand the tests of time.
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    December 09, 2022 HOT SALE WINDOWS AND DOORS
    hot sale windows and doors single hung WINDOW A single-hung window, also known as a single-sash window, is a type of window with a lower, operable sash and an upper, fixed sash. This means that the bottom part of the window slides up and down, while the top part remains stationary Request Quote iron double door Iron doors are extremely durable and can last much longer than doors made of wood, glass, and even steel. Doors made from other materials can break down over time and are less likely to last for more than a couple of years. Request Quote sliding window Sliding window is a type of window that you open horizontally. If you tilt your head to one side they almost look like double-hung windows. They're one of the simplest replacement window designs available. Request Quote aluminum WINDOW When it comes to achieving your glazing ideas, the appearance, durability and thermal efficiency of aluminium windows outperform many other window types, making this initial expenditure well worth it. You should also consider that, unlike timber windows, no maintenance costs will be required going forward Request Quote black steel door Black framed steel glass doors are great to get sunlight during the day and enjoy the outdoor nature view. Also with custom-made black framed steel windows and doors upgrade you increase the value of your house with peace of mind that you have sleek strong doors that will last. Request Quote steel WINDOW Steel windows are marvelous. They're stunning, strong, and with a guaranteed performance that will never disappoint. They're also expensive. For homeowners seeking that farmhouse style, you don't have to break the bank for steel windows. Request Quote
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  • Super September Sales!!
    August 18, 2022 Super September Sales!!
    Every September is our year-end promotion to celebrate the establishment of our company. All customers who place orders will be given a discount of at least 5% based on the number of orders. If your home needs  casement window,aluminium windows, replacement aluminium windows, black sliding window, stainless steel door, steel grill door,steel glass window,upvc awning window. etc. please contact us as soon as possible: wahtsapp/wechat/Phone Number: +86 15058581581 email: k_fly0628@vip.163.com
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  • Pvc window and doors
    August 18, 2022 Pvc window and doors
    As pvc window manufacturers, pvc window and doors are more and more widely used in home construction, let me show you what are pvc windows. 1. Heat preservation and energy saving. Windows pvc, it has the effect of heat preservation, heat insulation, sound insulation, and the noise reduction function can be higher than 30%. Its heat transfer coefficient is relatively small, which is 1/357 of that of steel 2. Air tightness. Multi layers seals pvc for windows. The air-tight effect is higher than that of aluminum alloy windows, and its appearance is relatively smooth, not easy to stick to dust, and can also prevent dust. 3. Resistance to wind pressure. Upvc windows for sale is designed in an independent cavity, and 2 to 3 mm steel can be filled. According to the wind pressure value and the height of the building floor, the window thickness and profile series can be designed 4. Sound insulation. PVC windows have a sound insulation effect in this province, using extrusion molding, and the sound insulation effect can reach 30 decibels, which is especially suitable for use in downtown areas. FEATURES: 1.Custom sizes available  2.Budget friendly  3.Multiple design options  4.Space saver 5.Smooth operation 6.Made in china
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