Replace your old doors and Windows

September 02 , 2021
If your curtains are moving around even when the window is closed,  but a drafty window is more likely the culprit. There are a couple reasons why windows become susceptible to air infiltration. It might be that the window’s seals and gaskets have outlived their usefulness, or maybe the window was improperly installed in the first place, and the draft is not coming through the window itself but from the area between the window and the wall. If that’s the case, you may want to opt for new full replacement windows instead of inserts so the installer can properly insulate around your new windows.

Beautiful views of the outdoors can be a great thing, unless those views are being seen between a door panel and the door jamb. You should see no light around the perimeter of your door panel. If you can, your entrance door is either out of alignment or the weather-stripping has worn out or is missing altogether. Water infiltration, which can lead to rot and mold, is also a concern with inadequately sealed doors.

They say that beauty lives in the details. If you’re not seeing the beauty living in the details of your current windows and doors, it might be time for an update. Every Hotian window and door is made with expert craftsmanship and achieves architectural precision across every style, shape, and size. Thoughtful design, industry-leading performance, and innovative features, inspired by how people live, come together to bring a feeling of luxury, comfort, and security into every room.

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