How to inspect aluminum alloy doors and windows?

August 23 , 2021

If the door is not installed firmly, it will bring certain safety hazards. If the window is not installed firmly, it will not be able to withstand the bad weather. There are certain procedures and specifications for the installation of aluminum alloy doors and windows. After the construction team has completed the installation, the owner can check and accept according to certain specifications. If there is a problem, you can contact the merchant to solve the problem as soon as possible.

1. Inspection of aluminum alloy doors and window frames

The quality of aluminum alloy doors and windows directly affects the decorative effect of the entire wall after installation. The visual inspection of aluminum alloy doors and windows, including whether there are cracks on the surface, whether it is deformed, and the inspection of the rubber installed on the window, the following is the inspection of the specific operation:

1. Visual inspection: The gloss of doors and windows and the uneven color on the surface are not obvious. Then use the size to check whether the doors and windows are deformed, and look closely for scratches.

2. Sealing inspection: The contact between the sealing strip and the glass cut should be smooth, not crimped, groove-shaped, the sealing strip must be in close contact with the glass, and the joint connecting to the profile and the joint gap should be less than or equal to 1mm.

2. aluminum alloy doors and windows inspection

The installation of the door and window frame has a direct impact on the integrity of the door and window. The frame of the door and window can be sturdy and flat. Close inspection and inspection:

1Check the vertical straightness of the frame: Use a vertical measuring ruler to check the range of vertical and horizontal window frames. Generally, the front side and horizontal vertical tolerance of door and window frames are 2.5mm, the allowable deviation of horizontal frame windows is 2mm, and the height tolerance of door and window horizontal frames is 5mm , The allowable deviation of the center is 5mm.

2Strictly check the connection with the wall: check whether the door and window frame is close to the wall, and the edge of the door and window can be used to reflect the combination of the mirror and the telescopic tube for inspection.

3. aluminum door and window lock inspection

Doors and windows are related to home safety. Checking doors and windows should pay attention to whether they are installed firmly and whether the keys are appropriate.

1. Door and window installation check: check the door and window lock, first check whether the door and window installation position is correct and whether there is any reverse installation. Check whether the two sides of the lock are installed properly, with or without dislocation. Then shake the door and window locks to see if there is any looseness.

2. Check the use of door and window locks: check that the window is locked, move the window manually, and check whether the window can be locked.

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