French Patio Doors

September 10 , 2021
Since its founding, Hotian has become a trusted, sought-after source for imagining and creating better ways of living. One of the key ingredients for cultivating a loyal base of homeowners, builders, and architects is a human-centered approach to well-being through design.

"A few years ago, we noticed a shift and desire for better living within the home, which we embraced as a responsibility to craft solutions to meet emerging needs," that means: How can we harness light, air, and views in new ways to provide a better experience in spaces, all while supporting social, emotional, and physical health? Our time spent at home over the past year due to the COVID-19 ,  and as we soon emerge from the pandemic, there will be new ways of living that are here to stay—with wellness in the home being one of them."

To accommodate these new lifestyles, our company recently debuted glass door to prioritize health.

A French door is different than a regular door because at first glance, it looks more like a window than a door. That’s because it is primarily constructed out of glass.They allow more light into a space, increasing its style at the same time.

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