Double glazed pvc windows

August 20 , 2021

Windows are a way of bringing the outside in. They have the ability to transform homes. Due to the window’s important role in a home, it’s important that you choose them wisely. Double glazed windows are an effective way to combine both style and innovative functionality. Double glazed windows are custom-designed to ensure they effortlessly suit the space.

They’re also ingeniously constructed to increase insulation; they keep the heat in during winter and the cold air in during summer. It’s this particular feature that you’ll value greatly during Melbourne’s ever-changing, strong weather conditions. This additional level of insulation can lead to the reduction of energy expenses and save you money.

They’re durable, low maintenance, add property value, are more sustainable for the environment, and even provide noise prevention. Their incredible list of benefits is extensive and you’ll appreciate each one. As mentioned, they can be custom-designed and come in many different forms which ensure you will find the perfect fit for your home and lifestyle. To help you find your perfect match, we collated the popular forms of double glazed windows for you to choose from.

Awning Windows:

Awning windows are hinged at the top of the frame and push out, typically up to 90 degrees, while being held in place with friction hinges. Along with the hinges, the incredible and durable material in which the double glazed windows are made from ensures that, even with Melbourne’s weather, they won’t close from any strong winds. They’re simply opened and closed using a convenient crank handle. Awning windows also create immense privacy as they can be fitted on walls where other window types can’t be. Their unique design allows all the light, and ventilation, to be enjoyed anywhere without risking your privacy. Awning windows could be the perfect type of double glazed windows to incorporate into your house. When choosing awning double glazed windows, you’re improving your home experience and value, contributing to a more sustainable future and reducing your energy bills.

Sliding windows:

Double glazed sliding windows are an extra sleek and stylish addition to your home. Their incredibly modern design and way of creating an uninterrupted, harmonious view won’t be going out of style any time soon. They are free from any visible drainage holes, screws, or rivets and form a seamless look. They’re an effective way to open up and widen the space in a room by providing more light and a greater view.

They’re cleverly crafted with a slope on the inner sliding area which ensures smooth sliding and isolated water drainage. Together with their metal reinforcement chambers and co-extruded gaskets, they offer maximum wind resistance and impressive durability. Along with being a space-saving design, easy to maintain and environmentally friendly, double glazed sliding windows provide convenient noise and temperature insulation for complete home enhancement. Sliding windows also come in a single panel and double panel to ensure they’re the right fit for you and your home.

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