Different Type Windows For Kitchen

August 23 , 2021
When thinking about kitchen windows, the area above the kitchen sink is usually the first space that comes to mind.

Casement windows are a good choice for this space, as they’re easy to operate with the simple turn of a handle. Combine multiple casement windows together, and depending on the selections you make, you can catch fresh breezes from multiple directions.

Double-hung windows are another great solution for kitchens as they allow fresh air in through the bottom sash, while allowing warmer air to escape through the upper sash. They do require a bit more effort to open though, so keep that in mind when thinking about placement.

If you’re looking to create the perfect space for an herb garden, plants or to display other items above your kitchen sink, a 90-degree box bay configuration is a good option. With a picture window in the center and a casement window on either side you can achieve the look of a garden window. This window style allows for year-round sunlight. Because two of the three sides open, these windows make it easy to allow fresh air indoors no matter the season.

And if you’re looking for a more contemporary look, consider adding awning and picture windows underneath your cabinets, replacing a traditional tile backsplash. You’ll get more light in unexpected places and create a greater connection to the outdoors.

A new option for kitchens is the pass-through window. This sliding window lets you easily pass food, drinks and more through your window to an outdoor deck or patio, making an indoor/outdoor lifestyle more seamless.

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