Best Design Windows For Your House

July 01 , 2021
Best Design Windows For Your House

Choosing windows based on your home’s architectural style ensures that the upgrade adds to the overall aesthetic rather than detracting from it. If you live in a modern home, you can find beautiful, functional, energy-efficient windows to match. Here’s what to look for in the best windows for a modern house.


Windows designed for contemporary homes share many fundamental characteristics. Here are some features to look for in modern windows:

Narrow frames: Advanced materials and technology allow modern window frames to be incredibly thin. This allows the glass to take center stage, providing ample natural light and excellent views.
Aluminum frames: Metal windows are particularly appropriate in industrial-modern homes built in an urban setting. The high strength-to-weight ratio also allows aluminum frames to achieve the slim profile desired in modern buildings.
No grid patterns: Most contemporary windows lack details on the glass panes to provide a clean, streamlined look.

With an idea of what characteristics make a window modern, you’re ready to consider specific operating styles. Here are a few suitable options that may fit your needs:

Sliding windows and moving glass walls: Sliding glass is crisp and clean, making it ideal for modern homes. When you have floor-to-ceiling windows that slide open, with one stacking on top of the next, this is known as a telescoping patio door. Optional hidden pockets in the wall allow the glass to slide out of sight, creating a seamless opening to the outside.
Casement windows and awning windows: These are two window styles that crank or push outward with hinges located on one side or the top of the frame. This provides greater ventilation control and allows for a flawless, uninterrupted view of the exterior.
Corner windows: Add drama to your modern home—not to mention fantastic views—with windows that wrap around a corner of the room. A narrow mullion design provides the most dramatic effect with the least amount of distraction.
Sidelites and transom windows: These windows go above and beside sliders, casements, and other window styles to provide more natural light and architectural interest. They are often used to achieve floor-to-ceiling height at a lower cost than installing a single giant window.

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