• Advanced Window and Door Products Jun 18 , 2021
    We are China high quality windows and doors manufacturer. Our top-quality replacement vinyl windows are all rated as Energy Star Windows. We sell factory-direct to our customers, this eliminates wholesale and retail 3/4markups and potential warranty issues due to third-party processing, and it ensures consistently top-quality installation and customer service. We provide a satisfaction g...
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  • The advantages about our windows and doors Jul 08 , 2021
    Doors and windows are essential for the construction of our house, so how should we choose? If you live in a relatively cold place, you can choose Low-e glass window or laminated glass windows. This kind of glass has good light permeability and can absorb a lot of solar radiation in winter, which will increase the indoor temperature. It has high airtightness, sound insulation and noise reduction a...
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  • The difference Between French Door And Patio door Jul 16 , 2021
    When you picture a French door you might imagine a European-style double door swinging inwards to reveal a beautiful garden outside. That might be true, but French doors aren’t always swinging. The difference between a French door and a patio door isn’t in the way it operates—it’s actually in the width of the stiles and rails on the door panel itself. The vertical stile on a French door will be wi...
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  • About Entrance Door Aug 05 , 2021
    The entrance door is the first door to enter the house, and its anti-theft performance is higher. Therefore, the entrance door is also called the anti-theft door, and the entrance door is installed when most houses are completed.   The entrance doors mainly include steel entrance doors, stainless steel doors, and armored doors.   Among them, the armored door is a high-end entrance door. ...
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  • Timeless French doors Aug 10 , 2021
    A lot of people love the dreamy, classical look that French doors give in a home, and even though they’ve been around for centuries, French doors never seem to go out of style and are easy to pair with almost any style. Doors can be made in many materials, but the best one for French doors is steel. Hotian Steel Windows and Doors create beautiful, custom-made French doors that make a statement in ...
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  • What is solid wood composite door? Aug 19 , 2021
    Wooden doors are very common interior doors in our lives. Generally, we use wooden doors in our bedrooms, study rooms, and lounges. Now the most common wooden doors are solid wood doors, solid wood composite doors, melamine wood doors, and PVC wood doors. Many customers can’t distinguish between solid wood doors and solid wood composite doors. In fact, the most common solid wood composite door on ...
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